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Monday, July 14, 2008

Learn to Think at Light Speed (Mind Booster)

Mind Booster

Fluid Thinking is Better than Cubes

The Language of Feeling is a method of thinking that uses a wider array of information for processing thoughts and ideas. It is a language because to use it you must learn a new way to identify and relate to things.

Everything in the universe has its own unique feeling or frequency. It is similar to how we use names to identify things, only it is based on feeling.

Frequency is superior to using words because it carries more information. A basic way to describe this is to compare how a painting feels versus its name; there's just much more content in the feeling, right? Ok, well that's really an oversimplification. The frequency is more like using the DNA code to identify a person instead of their name.

Another reason Language of Feeling is a better way to think is that it can be used in a 'Non-thought' environment, or when your mind is quiet, something that you can't do thinking with words.

When you're mind is quiet you can now pay attention to all of your senses at once, including what's around you, what your body is telling you - basically all the benefits of a mind without chatter, which there are many.

In comparison, observe yourself or someone else the next time they engage intense thinking. You can see it is a heavy, engrossing process. Notice that they are oblivious to everything but the thought. Thinking doesn't have to be so heavy.

The Language of Feeling is a Broad and Powerful Way to Think

1. Identify things by their true, inherent value, not simply the human utility of a thing. If you
seek to think outside the box, stop thinking from the perspective of a human.

2. Using sensation-based thoughts silences mind-chatter and creates a Non-thought environment, bringing about all the benefits of Non-thought. These benefits are many, a few are having full awareness of your environment, your body, your thoughts and feelings.

3. Multiple layers of awareness become available. Energetic, Intent, Potential, Macro/Micro Awareness, Dimensional, for example. This is due in part to Non-thought; the clear, aware state used for the Language of Feeling.

4. The Language of Feeling allows you to exist more in a state of feel-based observation. This allows one to understand and appreciate the environment in a variety of very real ways. For example, to know what is uncomfortable and comfortable about a space, or how your behaviors are being affected by your environment.

5. The Language of Feeling will develop your Psychic Sense. You'll begin to notice that there exist layers of data embedded in each object. These layers are what a true psychic reads when doing a reading on a person or object.

To better explain these layers, when you begin the Language of Feeling practice you can feel the basics like texture and hardness. And as you go you may feel the inner makeup and the micro details. These feeling-based details are then interpreted by the visual center, so perhaps you can now see in your minds eye what you might see in a microscope.

Another layer may include details on what conditions the object may have originated, or who used it. In your mind's eye you might see the interior of the factory from which it was built. You're now entering the psychic arena. Your brain is interpreting the frequency of the object.

Now to learn the Language of Feeling technique! Find the article "How to Learn the Language of Feeling". For more background see the article "How We Limit Our Mind".

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Mind Booster

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