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Friday, August 8, 2008

A Little Music With Exercise Boosts Brain Power, Study Suggests (Mind Booster)

Mind Booster

It's no secret that exercise improves mood, but new research suggests that working out to music may give exercisers a cognitive boost. Listening to music while exercising helped to increase scores on a verbal fluency test among cardiac rehabilitation patients.

"This is the first study to look at the combined effects of music and short-term exercise on mental performance," said Charles Emery, the study's lead author and a professor of psychology at Ohio State University.

"Evidence suggests that exercise improves the cognitive performance of people with coronary artery disease," Emery said. "And listening to music is thought to enhance brain power. We wanted to put the two results together."

Those results appear in a recent issue of the journal Heart & Lung.

The study included 33 men and women in the final weeks of a cardiac rehabilitation program. Most participants had undergone bypass surgery, angioplasty or cardiac catheterization.

Coronary artery disease may compromise cognitive ability, Emery said; that's why he and his colleagues chose cardiac rehabilitation patients for this study.

Continue reading...The researchers asked participants to complete a verbal fluency test before and after two separate sessions of exercising on a treadmill. The workouts were scheduled a week apart and lasted about 30 minutes. Participants listened to classical music – Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" – during one of the sessions.

"We used 'The Four Seasons' because of its moderate tempo and positive effects on medical patients in previous research," Emery said. "But given the range of music preferences among patients, it's especially important to evaluate the influence of other types of music on cognitive outcomes."

As a way to measure anxiety and depression, participants completed a 30-item checklist before and after exercise. The list included adjectives to describe the patient's current mood. The researchers also tested each person's verbal fluency before and after each exercise session by asking participants to generate lists of words in specific categories.

"This kind of task challenges the part of the brain that handles planning and abstract thought as well as a person's capacity for organized verbal processing," Emery said.

Participants reported feeling better emotionally and mentally after working out regardless of whether or not they listened to music. But the improvement in verbal fluency test performance after listening to music was more than double that of the non-music condition.

"Exercise seems to cause positive changes in the nervous system, and these changes may have a direct effect on cognitive ability," Emery said. "Listening to music may influence cognitive function through different pathways in the brain. The combination of music and exercise may stimulate and increase cognitive arousal while helping to organize cognitive output."

Emery conducted the study with Evana Hsiao and Scott Hill, both with Ohio State, and David Frid of Pfizer, Inc.

A grant from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute helped fund this research.

Source: www.sciencedaily.com

Mind Booster


MoonDreamz said...

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Harold said...

Well I'm one of those people who stumble onto all this. And it only took 65 years at that. I think it all started with compassion and deciding to serve, instead of being served. Also a couple of intuitions, one a heart nugging and the other an intuitive thought, "Should I say that?" It came out of the blue both times.
Well, I found that the answer was, no, I should not say that, not on your life.
But that is roughly the build up, I think. The kicker was when I found that I was using negative judgmental words to describe things, prejudicing my observations before I had accurately perceived them. I decided to switch to the most accurate descriptive words I could and then it began. Better everyday in every way. I can't name all the changes. I made a list of about forty, one time, before I quit listing. Here's a few though.
I hit my highest high and my lowest low. But the lowest low automatically went away in about three minutes, when I accepted that I was nothing and stood up. Go figure. I figured the word change had preconditioned my mind to self correct. I found that I had started and continued to improve on being able to go emotionally just about anywhere I wanted to, no doubt producing chemicals we all secrete, but now on demand.
Some more are an incredible compassion, joy for life, love, spontaneously lost 17 ugly pounds without even giving it a thought, insights galore whenever studying philosophy, science or anything, where I had gotten bogged down before, good judgment from bad before, social skills, confidence, in abundance and overflowing and oh I give up for no end of them, glory to glory, love of everything in sight without becoming attached, independence and what people prize so much, an attractive persona, shall I say, to die for? A pretty swift results that keep on increasing at will from a simple switch to accurate descriptive words and more accurate descriptions, with an extensive religions and spiritual background and wide range of interests and knowledge.
Einstein said that intuition was everything, but that children have intuition. They also need more knowledge and experience. The mind dines on information like the body on food. You have to have something to intuit. Oh, did I mention intuition and stumbling upon Emotional Intelligence and the fact that behind emotions are thoughts and perhaps other emotions and thoughts around the same subjects, Cognitive Psychology?
People think I'm trying to sell something, especially since my writing has gotten better also, it would have to have gotten better, considering the state it was in and the compulsion to tell the world. Ciao.
Hope you can use this. I consider everything I write as public domain, so feel free to use or mangle it.

Jaalah said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful work on the amygdala. It really helped me a lot. I didn't know how to contact you by email. So I thought I would just comment. Its worked wonders. Thanks.

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